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Is This Tomorrow TP
Price: $8.99

Originally published in the midst of the cold war, Is This Tomorrow is a classic example of red scare propaganda. The story envisions a scenario in which the Soviet Union orders American communists to overthrow the US Government. Charles Shulz (Peanuts) contributed to the artwork throughout the issue. Reprinted here for the first time in 70 years.

Charlton Nightshade TP
Price: $15.99

This is edition collects the first appearance and origin stories of Nightshade as published by Charlton Comics. This is the complete silver age appearances of the character with art by Steve Ditko and Jim Aparo. Included are the full-length stories from Captain Atom #82, 85, 86 as well as the back-up stories from issues #87-89.
Race for the Moon TP
Price: $17.99

Race for the Moon was originally published by Harvey in 1958, long before we landed on the moon. The stories contained inside are the product of the time period, our race against the "Reds" and the desire to reach the moon. This is sci-fi and told through the eyes of Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Al Williamson, Bob Powell and others. This fun series lasted three issues and is reprinted in its entirety including the Harvey house ads. In color and fully restored.
US Senate Hearings on Juvenile Delinquency
Price: $22.99

For three days in 1954, the US Senate debated comic books and their impact on juvenile delinquency. These Senate hearings nearly destroyed the entire comic book industry and resulted in the adoption of the Comics Code. Entire comic lines and publishers ceased to exist following these hearings. CSP presents these historic hearings in their entirety. Read William Gaines as he defends a decapitated head cover as being in good taste. Walt Kelly, Milton Caniff and others contribute memorable passages as well.
The Complete Golden Age Airboy & Valkyrie HC
Price: $24.99

From the pages of Air Fighters Comics and Airboy Comics comes The Complete Golden Age Airboy & Valkyrie HC. Inspired by Milton Caniff’s Terry & the Pirates, Airboy and Valkyrie had a love/hate relationship that brought tension and drama to their stories. The Fred Kida stories collected in this volume inspired comic greats such as Alex Toth. For the first time, their complete adventures will be digitally restored and reprinted in one volume. Collects Air Fighters Comics V1 #12, V2 #2, V2 #7, Airboy Comics V2 #12, V3 #6, 12, V4 #10, V9 #2. Introduction by Timothy Truman.
Canteen Kate
Matt Baker's Canteen Kate HC
Price: $28.99

This hardcover collects every appearance of Canteen Kate from the pages of Anchors Andrews, Fightin’ Marines as well as Canteen Kate #1-3. The pages have been digitally restored and presented in full color.
The Original Ghost Rider Volume 1 HC
Price: $49.99

(W) Gardner Fox, Ray Krank (A/CA) Dick Ayers, Frank Frazetta

This volume collects Ghost Rider #1-5 and the Ghost Rider stories from Tim Holt #12-14, originally published by Magazine Enterprises in 1949-1951, with art by Dick Ayers and covers by Dick Ayers and Frank Frazetta. Fully restored and in full color, this 7.25" x 10.25" Smyth Sewn hardcover features an introduction by Tony Isabella.